Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Living Room Christmas Decorations

Christmas decorating has always been the thing that gets us in the mood for the season.
Living room is the one of the first places to decorate for Christmas.
Prepare your living room, make it look absolutely gorgeous by choosing some new card holders, cute fabric stocking, picking up a beautiful Christmas tree and, of course, the candles. 

What is it about candles that makes everything more romantic, more special and more meaningful?
Everyone feels closer and happier, soft candlelight agrees with your complexion and everything looks more beautiful. Fire, candles, lights, a warm glow have always been a part of the winter holidays.
Add a bit of romance.
This season, candles are the ultimate Christmas home accessory and they come in various colours, sizes and scents to match your personal preference.
Choose your scent and style and keep these lovely candles burning all day long to create the ideal Christmas ambiance in your home.

Christmas stockings are a very important part of the Christmas decorations and they can be hung by the fireplace. When you dont have a fireplace, you can hang a stocking on the door to each persons bedroom or simply put them under the tree. Another great alternative to hanging your Christmas stocking is on the backs of your dining room chairs. Nowadays, stockings are available in all fabrics and designs to suit your likings. So many options, you can't go wrong.

So let’s make it special.  
Try to decorate a living room for Christmas with some ideas from Next shop online for the latest fashion for women, men, children and homeware.  
Light up your home for Christmas with these beautiful candles.

I love these deep red Festive Spice Pillar Candles £12 ( for a sweeter mix of juicy orange, red berries and festive spices.

Try this beautiful set of Decorative Tree Candles £8 ( to go on the living room table next to the tree. The rich mix of sweet fir balsam and amber with notes of cinnamon and pine will have your home smelling like a wonderful Christmas cabin in the woods.

How about this 6ft Realistic Pine Christmas Tree Full shape with high branch count. Easy to assemble.

Owl Card Holder, Garland Card Holder and Fabric Stocking

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