Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Get into the Christmas spirit

Do you ever notice that some people seem to have the Christmas spirit, but others just can't seem to get in the mood? 
Which one are you?
Are you already getting exited to watch some great Christmas movies that play a lot during Christmas time? Or getting exited about shopping?

With just weeks to go until Christmas, you need to make sure you are prepared.
The festive period is as much about shopping and cooking as about sitting on the sofa and relaxing.
We all now that time spent on the sofa, wrapped in a warm blanket and drinking hot chocolate or spiced tea is good for the soul. 
We all have small rituals which makes us feel better, you know.... those little things we all do to put us in a happy mood. 
They can be anything.....(you name it). 
Our small rituals connect us, every hour of every day. It is a way to help us to get into the Christmas spirit.
Getting into the Christmas mood is not hard. It's fun actually when you already are in the Christmas spirit, wonderful miracles can occur.
Just the thought of Christmas lights, snow, presents, watching nice movies, having a glass of hot cup of coffee (tea, wine or hot chocolate), being wrapped up in blanket, eating freshly baked cookies, put us in a better mood.
What are your ways to get into the Christmas spirit? 
What are you most excited for?

Sipping Hot Chocolate

Eating Cupcakes

Drinking Hot Spiced Tea

Eating Delicious Dinner

Watching Christmas Movies

Christmas Spirit

Christmas Shopping

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