Monday, October 8, 2012

Christmas Market Kosice

Why choose Košice for your next visit?
Košice is Slovakia's second biggest city. It has a long and rich history. 
I am proud to be from this city, which in 2013 will carry the title ''The European Capital of Culture''.

Close to Hungarian and Ukrainian border, the metropolis of Eastern Slovakia has a lot to offer to its visitors.

Traditional Christmas markets (slovak: Vianocne trhy) is on Main Square (slovak: Hlavne namestie). 
You can find there: 3 marvellous buildings – St. Michael Chapel, St. Elisabeth Cathedral and State Theatre, 2 fountains, charming parks, streets and squares.
Celebrating the most beautiful holiday of the year has a unique charm in this historical city center of Košice. Come and enjoy the unique magical atmosphere.

Visit Christmas markets, taste traditional specialties (Mayor's punch, spicy mulled wine,  lokše-flat potato-dough pancakes, sauerkraut and mushrooms soup, grilled sausages and home-made pastries), listen Christmas concerts, traditional folk performances and bring home unique craftsmen products that are sold on the market. 
Yes, Christmas market is full of typical Slovak products. Don't forget to try a shot of homemade slivovica (plum brandy).
Stop by the Singing Fountain. The water in the fountain moves in keeping with the rhythm of the songs that are played, while at night colorful lights join the performance. 
Also, visit ice sculptures made in public.

Slovakia is a friendly place.
Take a trip to the metropolis of eastern Slovakia, well-connected by rail, air and road to the rest of central Europe and judge for yourself.

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