Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Christmas Decorations Ideas

Christmas are getting closer, we have 10 weeks before the holidays arrive, so ... now it's the time to get inspired. You can slowly start to think how to decorate house and get everything ready before busy period.

For me Christmas decorations should be all about magic. 
Remember you can set a festive holiday mood throughout your house with simple Christmas decorating ideas. All you need is a good imagination. 
Christmas ornaments are not just for the tree. Extra ornaments can be found to have several uses, all that is needed is some fabulous ideas.

Quick Tip :
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You can buy inexpensive clear glass balls and fill partially with Christmas ornaments, colorful gemstones, jelly beans or whatever else you can come up with. You can add some glitters and the glitz of the glass will enhance the shine.

Also, you can get a roll of wrapping paper and some ribbon. Take those empty cereal boxes and cartons, wrap them up and display them... even if there is no gift inside. 
They'll get you into the holiday spirit. 

The Christmas season is fast approaching. 
December is the most wonderful time of the year to decorate, so be prepared to transform inexpensive things into magical Christmas decorations.

Decorated Cereal Box


  1. I love these ideas with glasses and candles. Inexpensive and impressive looking. I am going to try these. I love the glitz of Christmas....I'll be checking this site for other great ideas :-)

    1. Thank you Catherine for stopping by. I'm happy you like it.

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  3. the second last one is my fave i wish a had a huge house to do the same... but i also like the upside down glasses!!

  4. How did you do the second to last one

  5. I love as well the upside down glasses with the candles. Did you put something under the candles in order to avoid the glasses to brake or pop from the heat?

    1. Hi, I love it as well :-) You don't have to use anything,the glasses will not break from the heat.Use tea lights candles.

      There are two types-one has a metal container, the other plastic. Use the metal cups in enclosed holders like tealight houses, lamps and the burners for oils.

      Use the clear cup in open holders. You can save your clear cups if you use them, and remove the tea light from the metal holder to reuse the plastic cup.

      Remember: NEVER leave a candle unattended and always keep out of reach of children.

      Hope that helped.
      Have a nice day! :-)

  6. Liked your all ideas about Christmas Ornaments. Its all are splendid. I will definitely follow it. I like to decorate my home during Christmas and this Christmas I will decorate my home with xmasdeco.com/de

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