Thursday, October 11, 2012

Christmas Decorating Ideas for Kid's Rooms

Holiday season is a moment for families to spend high quality time together. 
Make Chirstmas more fun for your children with funny christmas fabric walls peel off stickers ideas. Adding unique touches to their bedroom could make them really happy. You can work with your children, help them to decorate their room for Christmas and create lasting memories in the process.

Here are few ideas for Christmas crafts and holiday decorations to display in your kids' room so you can spread a holiday joy throughout your home.


Vinyl Wall Decal Christmas Mickey & Minnie Art Mural Sticker Decor

Paper Decoration

Christmas Tree Wall Sticker

Christmas Tree Lights

Christmas Advent Calendar Craft 

Christmas Advent Calendar Craft

Christmas Ideas for Children

Snowman Pillow

Christmas Inflatable Sofa Bed Loafer

Glowing Pillow


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  1. Is 31 too old for a Christmas Inflatable Sofa?

    1. Hi Jetpacker, of course not, you can still have inflatable sofa :-)

  2. It is looking very lovely. In this Christmas you will rock by decorating your home beautiful and people will surprise by viewing it.

    Home decorating

  3. I love all these cute ideas but I'm not seeing any resources as to where I can buy them or instructions to make them? Especially love the wall decals.

  4. Love the art but where are the instructions

  5. how do you make the paper decorations

  6. I love your christmas decors for kids, thanks for sharing... Cool pillow by the way, wonder where to get one...

    Christmas Decorations