Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The little Christmas Tree

This is the story of a little tree who dreamt of growing up, so that he could go and be a Christmas Tree amongst the humans.

The other, older trees, knew more about life, and they told him that being a tree with the humans wasn’t as good as all that. But the little tree didn’t want to believe.

He was so pleased when one day children came with their parents to choose a tree to decorate their living room. The children adored him at first sight.
So he was dug up, then brought into the living room, where he was hung with decorations.
After they had finished decorating, the little tree shine with a thousand lights.

Christmas was getting closer and everyone admired the little Christmas Tree.

The young tree thought: ''All the bigger trees were wrong'' and he lifted his branches even higher so people could admire him better.

Up till January, he was the prince of the living room, but then he started to lose his needles.
Now nobody looked at him, touched him or even bothered to gather up the tiny needles that fell. Later, the whole family decided to put him down into the cellar. The tree started to feel very sad.

After several days, the little tree was replanted. He was so happy to be back in this good old earth that he’d missed so much.
Suddenly he understood that the family had left him in the cold of the cellar to keep him healthy.
Each year, the family dug him up again to put him back into the living room. He was very happy with his new family and learned something ... In the end the bigger trees were wrong - some humans are good after all...

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